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TM1/PA Solution

Pre-built industry solutions for a variety of use cases including finance, workforce, sales and more Built-in reporting and analysis capabilities for data visualization, drill-down, and trend analysis.

Web Development and BI

AI-infused integrated financial planning and analysis software solutions. Achieve cohesion between income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow with FP&A software solutions

App Design

We provide app solution,Integrated business planning, accessible for everyone, everywhere—IBM Planning Analytics as a service on AWS

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We Provide best analytical solutions for your business
Planning Analytics and Business Intelligences

Collaborate across your organization

IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, flexible and AI-powered integrated business planning solution that helps you deliver faster, more accurate plans, budgets and forecasts. It can be deployed on-premises, on-cloud, on-premises, as a hybrid option or as a service on AWS.

Get access to a trusted, managed platform that runs on AWS to support your business needs through planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. By using Planning Analytics as a service, you can use the same, easy-to-use excel and web interfaces–all built to create an optimal end-user experience.

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Business Insights

Use our advanced financial modeling solutions and driver-based forecasting to test your hypotheses. Easily perform advanced data analysis and determine how your business strategy will be affected. Deliver accurate plans consistently


IBM and AWS are a match made in heaven—this partnership combines IBM's one-of-a-kind platform with AWS's scale, agility, and cost efficiency. You'll have access to a trusted, managed SaaS platform that provides the most accurate, highly available and scalable planning and analysis solution in the market.

Planning Analytics

Real-time insights in one platform,Gain enterprise-wide access to real-time insights and accurate data through the intuitive web-based interface. Seamlessly perform business planning, analysis, and reporting tasks in a unified environment.

Perspective Solutions/ BI Reportings

Automated visualizations.Powerful Database and Calculation Engine.Transform your planning data into captivating visualizations, scorecards, and dashboards that tell a compelling story. Design custom dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables to present information in a visually appealing and insightful manner.


TM1 Securities maintanance is good due to client group concepts .


Build on what you know Easily integrate various data sources including existing ERP systems, CRM, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based planning, budgeting and forecasting tools. Design custom dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables to present information in a visually appealing and insightful manner.

Realtime Data Analysis Solutions

Powered by TM1 technology, it provides immediate visibility into real-time operational data within a collaborative, strategic planning process. FP&A teams can seize new opportunities by having a consistent view of workflows and automation processes.

Ready Pro Modules for your businesses

Guided planning Ensure a smooth, streamlined planning process with managed and governed workflows. With just a few clicks, create customized applications, invite participants, define submission requirements, assign due dates, and easily monitor the progress of plan activities.

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